Cooking centers Mixed B95GMCX9 90 x 60 cm stainless steel غاز SMEG

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Cast iron grates: These grates are resistant to high temperatures. Solid and robust, they have been designed to facilitate the movement of pans. Anti-fingerprint: The special treatment to which stainless steel is subjected prevents the formation of halos and fingerprints on the surface and helps to improve its luminosity.
Color: Stainless steel
Finishing: Satin
Aesthetic: Mixed
Design: Professional
Series: Master
Material: Stainless steel
Door: With 2 horizontal bands
Control panel finishes: Anti-fingerprint stainless steel
Cooktop color: Stainless steel
Handle: Smeg Square Aesthetic
Color of the levers: Stainless steel
Backsplash: Yes
Display type: Touch
Type of grids: Melting
Handle color: Brushed stainless steel
Control levers: Smeg Master Silver
Glass type: Eclipse black glass
Number of levers: 8
Storage compartment: Flap

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90×60 cm

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